Wood Burner Stove Installation Littlehampton

Are you looking for Wood Burner Stove Installation In Littlehampton?

Welcome to Woodys Log Burners Ltd. Your Local wood burner stove installation specialists in Littlehampton.

With over 25 years of experience installing wood burner stoves in Littlehampton, you can rest easy. Unsure on what might be the right stove for you? We can guide you through your wood burner stove installation in Littlehampton. We’re fully qualified and Insured. We don’t charge for quotes either.

Call us on 01903 507718 or email us [email protected] to arrange a quote.


Why Choose Us?

Customer care

We pride ourselves in providing a level of professionalism and reliablity that you can trust. Nearly all our work comes from recommendations. Why is that? Because we go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied while providing a competitive price. Littlehampton is a wonderful seaside town, during the summer months it’s easy to forget how cold it can be. With a wood burner you don’t have to rely on your radiators while having a natrual, renewable source of warmth in the heart of your home.

Expert advice and guidance

We’ve been providing our customers wood burning stoves in Littlehampton for a long time. We can confidently give you the best solution to give you an incredible result. It’s never easy choosing a tradeperson, we’re sure after you’ve spoken to us you will feel as confident as we are in our services.


We give a warranty on our work. There is nothing worse than having a great installation then having the company ignore you later down the road if you have an issue. You can count on us to give you first class after sales care. Something that is hard to find from other companies!

Fast and efficient

Most installations take a day to complete, often our customers will leave for work from Littlehampton and on their arrival back home, are greeted by a beautiful new wood burning stove installation.



Areas we cover

And most other areas through out West Sussex